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Programming is becoming a more popular career path. With the prevalence of technology in our lives – primarily, app-based technology – there is a further need for those who can write the language that builds that technology.

For that reason, computer programming is a burgeoning career field. But where can you get your start? No one wants to pay hundreds for a course and not like it. Here are some of the best free online courses that anyone can take.

MIT OpenCourseWare

There are complete courses available through MIT OpenCourseWare that are not only completely free but you can also go through them entirely at your own pace. Whether you are looking to study Linear Algebra, Signals and Systems, or any other course, you can work through it in a way that makes you comfortable.

There are introductory courses such as general introductions as well as courses that are language-specific. You can even take follow-up courses for a more comprehensive learning experience.


edX provides free college-level courses online, spearheaded jointly by both Harvard University and MIT. These courses are available without charge and the organization is a nonprofit, so you can be confident that you are not being exploited by any sort of ulterior motives.

The courses are both self-paced and weekly. The subjects can range vastly, though there is a skew toward engineering, computer science, and even business management. With introductory, intermediate, and advanced coursework to fit your skill level.


This online course platform is backed by Stanford University and a few select venture capitalists. They work with various organizations and universities to provide those courses. It is through their certificate program in which they earn revenue needed to keep the program running.

The specializations are the best part. You can set courses to build skills on a particular topic but without having to get completely immersed in a full program. Not all of the courses are free, but they are self-paced (with start and end dates) for convenience.