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As the price associated with attending college increases, as well as the number of people interested in continuing their education, more people than ever are in need of financial assistance. Unfortunately, it can be quite overwhelming and difficult to locate scholarships that are right for you, especially since there are thousands available, all with different criteria. If you’re planning on looking for scholarships that can meet your needs in the near future, here are some websites that can help you get started on your search.

This website is well-established and organized, allowing you to search through $19 billion dollars worth of scholarships. When you fill out your profile on the site, it will generate a short list of scholarships that may meet your needs, allowing you to skip the tedious work of manually searching and giving you options you may not have been aware of.

Cappex allows students to search for both schools and scholarships. It can help you calculate your relative chances of being accepted to a particular college, which can help you narrow down your scholarship opportunities and set realistic expectations for your journey in higher education.

A relatively new scholarship search engine, Bold allows anyone to register their scholarship on the site, allowing you to peruse many smaller opportunities that may not be available on the larger sites.



A well-established site that’s been around since 1996, this site allows you to search for scholarships using a variety of specific filters, including interests, skills, and areas of study.


The College Board

An organization created in 1900, The College Board has expanded its services to include a database of over $3 billion worth of scholarships, with some available internationally. In addition to their online offerings, they will also send you a physical book to peruse if you don’t have consistent internet access.

CollegeNet provides a huge variety of scholarships, as well as hosting a community for students to discuss and vote on the best offerings. Students who participate in the forums frequently can also earn money for their helpful contributions.


Scholarships are an important part of making college more accessible for everyone, providing necessary aid and opportunities to those who might otherwise miss out on higher education. If you’re looking to take advantage of some incredible opportunities being offered, consider visiting one of these sites and finding financial assistance that’s right for you.