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For all of the benefits of technology, there are the downsides that we hear more and more about. For kids, being in class is not necessarily the most fun time. With smartphones becoming more prevalent, it has become all too common for their attention to be diverted from school.

Kids are battling aggression, ADHD, anxiety, dizziness, and screen addiction at a much higher rate these days. There are also impacts on communication skills, critical and cognitive thinking, and interpersonal development. So, how can kids use tech without overdoing it?

Changing Communication

Teachers have been encouraged to use various forms of communication to create a more immersive classroom experience. Instead of everything being visual, there is a chance to add some audio and spatial aspects to the lessons.

Using ebooks, digital games, blogs, animations, and videos are just some of the ways that teachers can use technology to improve the learning experience. When the lessons are more interesting, teachers stand a better chance of getting to the students who may have otherwise been missed.

Collaborative Focus

There is also an increased focus on getting kids to work together through digital media. This is a great way to get students to explore content with classmates while also developing their advanced thinking skills.

Furthermore, it encourages their soft skills such as communication, teamwork, and creative thinking. These are all invaluable skills for life as an adult that have been losing focus in schools.

Media-Free Zones

Sometimes using no technology at all is the way to go. Kids are inundated with tech in nearly every aspect of their lives. So, why not have a time where they do not have any at all? Setting tech-free times and putting content restraints on that are suitable to their age is healthy.

Moreover, there is no overdependence on that technology. Schedule times to remove smartphones, turn off televisions and computers, put away the games, and interact with one another without the burden of technology. It will come in handy, particularly with social skill development.